Poster Design by Deian Moore

My poster and card designs for the Corvallis-Gondar Sister Cities Association’s annual Walk for Water fundraiser are now complete.  I designed a small poster/flyer and also designed a 5×5 glossy handout/club card.  My intent for this poster was to draw attention to the hardships some cultures endure. I wanted the message to be relayed that everyone can make a difference if they can walk (or wheel) 5K.  That is the distance these girls and women in Gondar, Ethiopia have to travel daily to bring back water to their families.  With the help of caring people in our community, their contribution for this fundraiser will go directly to helping drill wells for these people.  To learn more about this fundraiser, please visit I am so honored that I was selected to design the marketing materials for this year’s fundraiser!

Card Designed by Deian Moore Design.

Front of Card

Card Designed by Deian Moore Design.

Back of card

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